Any private individual or corporate entity with the intention to laying out money or capital in a company with the expectation of profit is welcome to invest or place its capital on ASE.

Member profiles

Our direct members are qualified private individuals, portfolio managers, investment funds and institutional investors. They will be provided with professional entry screens, real-time market data, user-friendly order book and sophisticated analysis tools.

ASE also allows brokers, dealer and intermediaries to become a member. Additional functionality to provide for a solid brokerage administration, aggregation services, brokerage fee handling and portfolio allocation is available. Brokers may also provide their clients with ‘view only’ access to their portfolio and exchange activities.

Accession requirements

ASE maintains a low threshold to enter the market for both companies and investors. To be able to provide a safe and orderly financial market, ASE respects both regulatory and internal requirements. As a starting point, investors need to have a domiciliation and an active, current bank account in Afghanistan. As part of the accession procedure, investors need to sign a Participation Agreement and by doing so, confirm their investment activities to be compliant with the ASE Rule Book.