The Afghanistan Stock Exchange ‘ASE’ and her partner AESX Limited develop and operate the market. ASE, operating out of Kabul, acts as the client-facing entity and is the brand name communicated in the market. This includes client acquisition (companies and investors), order routing and deal flow generation. We will expand our presence through sales offices in Kunduz, Mazar-i-Sharif and other emerging business centers. ASE has initiated the process to acquire a license with the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the financial markets regulator of Afghanistan.

AESX Limited, operating out of London, acts as the back-office operator, ensuring that all processes are executed in accordance with regulatory and internal requirements. AESX Limited is operating under a license with the FSA, the financial markets regulator of the United Kingdom.

The benefit of this dual presence is the short lead-time to market. Supported from an existing back-office in London, ASE already serves the Afghanistan business community and financial industry by means of an active, formalized capital market. Simultaneously, deployment of operational procedures and training of a professional work force takes place in Afghanistan.